Whether you are seeking to translate your text into one or multiple languages, we can provide you with quality translations in all our areas of expertise. All our projects go through our three-step quality assurance process: translation, revision, and a final quality check by one of our project managers and linguists.


We guarantee the final quality of your documents. Our linguists, who have extensive knowledge in their field of expertise, revise and check your content. The result is a text with accurate, sector-specific terminology, and an idiomatic and smooth style.


Our network of interpreters allows us to assist you during all types of events, from conferences to general meetings, seminars, and more. We will also help you determine the solution best adapted to your needs (simultaneous, consecutive, or chuchotage) and, if needed, provide you with the necessary equipment (booths, headphones, and tour guide systems).


We can provide certified translations for your official documents in all our supported languages. A certified translation is legally valid and recognised by national authorities and administrative bodies. It is performed by an expert translator appointed by a Court of Appeal or by the Court of Cassation. Please contact us for more information on this service.


We can transcribe your audio or video content, as well as hand-written comments, in all our supported languages.


Some documents, such as marketing and advertising materials, require more than a simple translation. That is why we use all our expertise and resources to adapt your materials to specific cultures and markets.


Do your documents have specific formatting that you would like to maintain? Send us your InDesign, QuarkXPress or FrameMaker files and we will deliver your translated documents with the exact same formatting as the originals. You can also send us your documents in plain text and we will format them according to your requirements. Please contact us for more information on this service.